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10 SEPTEMBER – Social September

Social September encourages us to take time out from our digital connections and reconnect with each other, and ourselves. The digital age is not without its adverse effects on mental health and wellbeing. This month is about creating opportunities for face-to-face connections, being in touch without digital devices and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

08 OCTOBER – Working Safely

Every year more than 260 Australians die as a result of work related injuries and over 135 000 are seriously injured. As alarming as these statistics are, they would be even higher if they included people working in their own homes who sustain an injury in the course of their work/domestic duties. Many of the workplace health and safety considerations are applicable in the domestic environment but there is little or no training of parents, carers or others in safe work practices in the home. Further, with an increase in home based businesses, it is important to remember that these too are workplaces.
October is safe work month and we will be looking at safety in the home, keeping yourself safe, do it yourself risk assessment and injury prevention.
12 NOVEMBER – Lung Awareness Month

Have you considered how healthy your lungs are? How do you know if your lungs are healthy? Do you know how to improve the health of your lungs? Many people have lung disease and are not aware of it until the symptoms are advanced.
Well Now Health Solutions is conducting a fun and interactive information session on Lung Health in November for Lung Health Awareness Month. Join us to find out more about your lungs and how you can care for them.
These Educational Sessions are designed to impart general knowledge and enrich your self- awareness, health and wellbeing.

Gympie Community Place
18 Excelsior Road
Gympie Qld 4570

9.45am for 10am to 12 noon

2nd Thursday each month
Organise a group (min 6) if you would like an alternative session

$25 per person
(pay at door, EFT available)

Light refreshments served

Jacqui – 0402 988 423
Tina – 0412 524 196

Tina Garrett www.wellnowhealthsolutions.com.au
Jacqui Beutel www.gentlehandsmassage.com.au

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears and never regrets”
Leonardo da Vinci.

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What our Occupational Therapy clients say

  • Tina was lovely and I always looked forward to her visits. I didn’t want the program to end as I enjoyed her visits to my home for occupational therapy. She helped me to be safer in my home and to return to some of the things I used to do.…

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  • At 89 I didn’t think it was worth changing my bathroom to make it safer even though I had had a fall and broke my leg. Tina encouraged me to apply to DVA for the bathroom to be changed. Even though there was lots of work in the application, Tina…

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  • My life was literally flattened when I contracted Guillian Barre Syndrome. I could not move a muscle and had a newborn to care for. Once discharged from hospital, I had occupational therapy as one of my allied health services. Tina helped me to develop ways to care for myself and…

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  • I had significant left sided hemiplegia following a stroke. Tina was my occupational therapist on a post discharge rehabilitation program. I was very happy to have someone working with me that understood what was important to me and worked with me to achieve my goals. After 16 weeks, I was…

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What our Fitness and Wellbeing clients say

  • I joined Tina’s small group training with a couple of other ladies to improve my fitness for an upcoming overseas holiday. Over the nine weeks, not only did I improve my fitness, I lost weight, was able to reduce my blood pressure medication and improved my ability to undertake every…

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  • I am a middle aged male and probably like other middle aged males, my level of physical activity has dwindled to about nothing over the years. I joined the outdoor fitness classes with a friend; neither of us really knowing what to expect. I was surprised at how unfit I…

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  • I am currently studying to become a fitness instructor. Tina's outdoor fitness classes made me realise how much I want to work within the fitness industry. Friendly, fun, challenging, informative, energetic and rewarding is how I would describe Tina's fitness classes. Lynette Dimmock

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  • I have been going to Tina's aqua classes for about 8 years. In all this time Tina has been a great motivator and always an inspiration. Her classes are varied and so much fun. We never do the same class in a row , therefore the variation keeps me interested…

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  • Working with Tina Garrett is the best thing I have ever done for my health. I started Water Aerobics some 10-12 years ago when I injured my back as I couldn’t do any exercise that put impact on my spine.  My general mobility and fitness was in decline and I…

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  • I am 65 yrs, acutely overweight and suffer from arthritis.  Although I participate in Tina's aqua aerobic program twice a week I approached "Boot Camp" with some reservations. I was able to participate at my own level but was extended steadily each session achieving a huge improvement in core strength and…

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